This year more than 70 (!) Belgian music acts will perform at the Pukkelpop festival between Wednesday August 17th and Saturday August 20th. Be sure to check them out. Here’s an overview.

Day 1 – Wednesday 17th

18h40: Manoeuvres (indiepop) – Castello
19h50: Faces on TV (alternative indie) – Castello
20h00: The Boiler Boys (electro) – Boiler Room
20h00: Konna (techno) – Booth
21h15: Ilse Liebens (dance) – Boiler Room
21h15: School is Cool (pop) – Castello
22h00: Lee Davon (techno) – Booth
22h30: Frères Deluxe (electro) – Boiler Room
22h45: Admiral Freebee (poprock) – Castello
00h00: Gewelt (house) – Booth
00h25: Magnus (dance) – Castello
00h30: Laston & Geo (electro) – Boiler Room
2h30: The Boiler Boys (electro) – Boiler Room

Day 2 – Thursday 18th

11h20: Pepe (hiphop) – Dance Hall
11h20: Whispering Sons (postpunk) – Wablief?!
12h00: Coely (R&B) – Main Stage
12h00: Mad About Mountains (poprock) – Club
12h30: Jewels B2B Eagl (electro) – Boiler Room
12h40: Sleepers’ Reign (indietronica) – Wablief?!
13h20: Oaktree (ambient) – Castello
14h00: Maverick (electro) – Booth
14h05: Drive Like Maria (stonerrock) – Wablief?!
14h40: Warhaus (pop) – Club
15h30: Robbing Millions (indierock) – Wablief?!
15h30: Jonas Lion (electro) – Booth
16h55: Fence (poprock) – Wablief?!
17h00: Le Motel (electro) – Booth
18h25: Bazart (indiepop) – Marquee
18h30: Faisal (dance) – Booth
18h45: Charlotte De Witte (techno) – Boiler Room
20h10: Soldier’s Heart (indietronica) – Wablief?!
21h55: Flying Horseman (alternative) – Wablief?!
00h10: Bent Van Looy (pop) – Wablief?!
02h00: TLP (jungle) – Boiler Room
02h00: San Soda (deep house) – Castello
02h00: Michael Midnight & Hush Hefner (dance) – Booth

Day 3 – Friday 19th

11h40: Hydrogen Sea (indietronica) – Castello
11h40: Amongster (indierock) – Club
11h40: The Black Heart Rebellion (post-hardcore) – The Shelter
12h15: De Nieuwe Lichting: Clear Season, Equal Idiots, Wanthanee – Wablief?!
12h20: Compact Disk Dummies (indietronica) – Dance Hall
12h45: M&T ft. MC Mota (drum & bass) – Boiler Room
13h00: Woodie Smalls (hiphop) – Main Stage
13h45: Hypochristmutreefuzz (noise rock) – Wablief?!
14h00: Borealis (deep house) – Booth
14h25: Tsar B (electropop) – Castello
15h15: Astronaute (singer-songwriter) – Wablief?!
16h00: Bafana (house) – Booth
16h45: Few Bits (indiepop) – Wablief?!
20h05: Double Veterans (garagerock) – Wablief?!
21h50: Noémie Wolfs (indiepop) – Wablief?!
00h10: Marble Sounds (indiepop – Wablief?!
01h00: Nadiem Shah (rock dj) – Boiler Room
02h00: Thang (house) – Booth

Day 4 – Saturday 20th

11h20: Echo Beatty (alternative indie) – Wablief?!
12h00: Fleddie Melculy (hardcore) – The Shelter
12h40: André Brasseur & band (jazz) – Marquee
12h40: Zwartwerk (hiphop) – Wablief?!
13h00: Vicy City Residents (house) – Booth
13h15: Hush Hefner (electro) – Boiler Room
14h00: Pomrad (electrofunk) – Wablief?!
14h45: Warhola (indietronica) – Castello
14h45: Compuphonic (minimal) – Boiler Room
15h25: Arbeid Adelt! (new wave) – Wablief?!
19h25: The Subs (electro) – Dance Hall
20h30: Ertebrekers (soul) – Wablief?!
22h50: Soulwax (electro) – Dance Hall
22h50: Taxiwars (jazz) – Wablief?!
23h45: Oscar and the Wolf (indietronica) – Main Stage
01h00: Kong & Gratts (electro) – Castello
01h00: Michael Midnight (electro) Boiler Room
01h00: Kiani & His Legion (house) – Booth

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